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We Want to Enrich Lives Through Travel


We are Chuck and Lori Ros, creators of Junction66.com. We learned a long time ago that the best, most memorable aspects of travel are not the museums and the art galleries, not the landmarks and the natural wonders. The most memorable moments of travel are the people you meet.

Several years ago we discovered home exchanging and house sitting as win-win means of extending travel for both home owners and travelers. Members on several such sites, we have always wondered why those sites don't do a better job of matching members with truly common interests. Why do users have to scan through all house sitting advertisements every day? Why do users get notified of a home swap in Australia in June when they're already booked for a home swap in France in June?

Thinking about doing a better job of matching up travel members, we also came up with a couple of new ideas. If two people are going to be in London on the same day, they might be interested in meeting to compare notes or to see some of the sites together. Some of our best friendships began by crossing paths while traveling. Also, everyone knows that renting a place longer or renting a larger place is more economical. So why not find other members who want to go to the same place as you and are willing to share the costs of renting that vacation home? We think stay sharing is an idea whose time has come.

There are lots of sites for house sitting and home swaps. We've yet to find any sites for crossing paths and stay sharing. But why would you want to have a half-dozen different accounts on different websites when you could represent your interests, and your itinerary, on a single site?

And finally, this sort of social travel does pose some risks. We've heard some horror stories from fellow house sitting and home owner travelers alike. House sitting sites tend to favor either the home owner or the house sitter--whoever pays the fees. We recognized a huge need for references of both members.

And why don't these sites do more to protect their members? We agree that references are an effective way to protect members, but even those other house sitting and home exchange websites recommend you ask for a police check. Yet they don't do anything to facilitate a police check.

So naturally we want to solve these problems. We want to create an environment for travel-loving members to create profiles of their interests and their itineraries. We want to facilitate members with common interests to find and get in touch with one another. We want to facilitate new and innovative ways for people to travel together. And we want to give both members peace of mind in connecting with other members.

We're glad you found us at Junction66.com. Creating a profile and starting your adventure is free, so why wait? Register now.


Chuck and Lori Ros and the Junction66 Team